Preparatory School Academics

Wellington Preschool and Preparatory School teaches an accelerated curriculum for its college preparatory students. Children are taught at a grade level above and/or a modified gifted curriculum, with varied supplemental support programs.

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World of Wonders, a comprehensive program, is a research-based curriculum which provides unmatched support for building strong literacy foundations, accessing complex texts, engaging in collaborative conversations, and writing to sources.

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Combined with the Literacy module, Wonders also offers a strong writing component which includes research writing, creative writing, poetry and persuasive writing. Also Get Set For School depending on grade.

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Envision Math or Everyday Math are used depending on the grade. These are comprehensive Pre-K through 4th grade mathematics curriculum.

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Houghton Mifflin Science Fusion is a program designed to build inquiry and STEM skills. The curriculum includes significant hands on activities, allowing students to analyze real-world problems, understand the concept of systems, and conduct scientific experiments.

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Social Studies

Studies Weekly & My Perspective for Elementary.

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Foreign Language

Our Spanish curriculum focuses on conversation, grammar and vocabulary. Spanish is a valuable language to learn, providing added economic benefits and the ability to communicate and travel widely.

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Violin is taught twice per week. This focus on an un-fretted instrument helps with music education and coordination. Many scientists believe it also has a strong positive impact on math and reasoning skills. For more information on the benefits of violin, please click here to see a TED video.

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Fine Art

Students participate in the Meet the Master’s art curriculum. This curriculum exposes children to the great art masters, providing information about their lives and art styles.

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Physical Education

Physical education includes two components. First a traditional physical education curriculum introduces students to many sports, health and fitness. Second, our weekly karate curriculum delivers karate training along with confidence, respect, discipline and mental toughness.

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